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From: Duncan Whitmore
Subject: Affiliate Marketing with Private Label Rights

Question: What is the one, true aim of every affiliate marketer?

Perhaps it’s to boost their traffic?

What about finding better products to promote?

Or may be they yearn for more followers on social media?

Well, as important as these elements are for a successful affiliate marketing business…

Not one of them hits the nail on the head!

I mean, do you spend your nights dreaming of improving your SEO score? I certainly don’t!

No, what I dream about with affiliate marketing is this:

  • I want the opportunity to build my own business and be my own boss.
  • I want an escape hatch from the 9-to-5 grind.
  • I want to wake up in the morning before glancing at my phone to see how much money I earned while I slept.
  • I am looking forward to the day when I could achieve true, financial independence, earning the means to provide the best possible life for myself and my loved ones.

Does this sound like you too?

And yet there is always a problem...

Up to 95% of affiliates never realize their goals.

Sure, they may take the odd commission here and there.

In fact, that first taste of success is often the sweetest! For they can see the proof that affiliate marketing works, sitting right their in their bank account.

But they never graduate to earning the kind of consistent, reliable, recurring income they dream of.

Sound Familiar...?

...your followers or subscribers ignore your content, passing over your promotions while other affiliates rake in the cash.
...you achieve a bare handful of clicks followed by a mere trickle of commissions - even with what seem like irresistible offers!
...you waste hundreds of your hard earned dollars chasing every new 'system' or program, ending in failure every single time.
...you feel there must be an 'inner circle' of super-affiliates who make all the money - a circle they will never really let you join. 
...you feel you are just too normal, too ordinary, or too 'uneducated' to succeed.
...constant setbacks and frustrations induce in you the urge to give up, robbing you of affiliate success before you even start.
...you are enduring an endless cycle of hope crushed by despair.

All of this can end today for one, very basic reason: the solution to these, and many other problems, is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, by making just a few simple changes to their approach, any dedicated affiliate can discover how to pocket continual affiliate commissions day after day, week after week.


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Learn how an ordinary person not only can succeed, but is most likely to succeed at affiliate marketing.
Avoid the crushing mistakes that will kill your affiliate business before it even starts.
How to build a loyal customer base of followers eager for your promotions.
Soar into a league of your own by profiting from customers not just once, but time and time again.
Automate your operation to earn a truly passive income.
And much, much more!



A Preview of Your Solution...

Every affiliate knows the game: you promote products on your blog, social media or website before directing visitors to the sales pages. If they make a purchase you get paid a commission.

Simple, right?

So why do so many affiliates fail to make it work?

Well, in Part One of The Commission Collector, you'll begin discover why - and how you can avoid that fate.

From detailing all of the simple mistakes affiliate tend to make through to attracting and serving an audience of dedicated customers itching to spend their cash - we will leave no stone unturned in laying a solid foundation for your affiliate business.


This training in Part One will only scratch the surface. Because in Part Two of The Commission Collector, you are going to learn a big secret - the one thing that the super-affiliates are doing to gather the enormous, 24/7, passive income for which you yearn.

And you are about to get a taste of exactly what that big secret is - the key to consistent, repeated and recurring profits that has eluded you for so long.

That's right - I don't want to keep you waiting. Because I believe that you deserve to see this right now.

So are you ready? 

Well, the one thing that every failing affiliate does time and time again is to drive their traffic straight to the product sales pages.

Now that is not their fault - it's what many affiliate marketing guides tell them to do! 

But as you shall see in a minute, such a practice completely robs you of any opportunity whatsoever to build, sustain and automate your affiliate operation.

Sure, you may take a commission from each referral. 

But remember: once a customer is gone, they are gone forever - which means you have to start all over again in finding more customers to attract.

The Commission Collector is the solution to this losing strategy. Because I will show you the crucial importance of setting up an affiliate hub - a simple, but transformative approach that will serve as the keystone to your entire business.

Check out how a failing affiliate business will manage its traffic flow compared to the winning solution you will discover in The Commission Collector:

Struggling Affiliate Business

No leads captured
No permanent audience
Sporadic commissions

Leads captured
Builds a customer base
A lifetime of continual commissions

Struggling Affiliate Business

No leads captured
No permanent audience
Sporadic commissions

Leads captured
Builds a customer base
A lifetime of continual commissions


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Make your investment in
The Commission Collector today,
and I will throw in these



Bonus #1

"Send your Commissions Through The Roof With This Exclusive Training"

By mastering the art of lucrative product selection, you could be earning a super-affiliate income with your next promotion.

And that's just the start...

In the special bonus section you'll discover the simple reason why the same, big names top the leaderboard of affiliate sales, time and time again.

Yes, that's right - you get a bonus within a bonus!


I'm granting you Private Label Rights, meaning that you can resell this product as much as you like.

So not only can this special training deliver an immediate boost to your affiliate business - you could be earning profits from this product as soon as today!

12, simple to follow steps
Discover the biggest affiliate rewards
Special bonus tips
Boost your commissions from day 1
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Bonus #2

"Oh No, Not Again!"

I know, I know - the market is awash with books, courses and even software promising to make your site as popular as Facebook.

In fact, you may have sunk your hard earned cash into several of these already. 

And what do you have to show for it? A bare trickle of visitors!

So why should I do any better?

Well, in Triple Step Traffic, you won't find the typical directory of traffic methods you 'could' be implementing. Instead, I offer you an entire traffic generation strategy - a blueprint you can follow from start to finish.

However, I also like to keep things simple. That's why I have grouped everything you need to know about delivering top quality traffic to your site into a straightforward, three stage formula.

(Hint: most other traffic products cover only one of these stages!)

And the added beauty? All of these methods you can implement for no additional, direct cost

Yes, that's right - no pay-per-click, no Google ads or anything like that.

What's more, with Private Label Rights included, you can resell this product as many times as as you like.

3 stage traffic boosting strategy
Attract the highest quality leads
Lure traffic from top-performing sites
Turn visitors into promoters
Free methods only
Resell and keep all the profits

Yours today for $147

Bonus #3

"Are You as Confused as I Am?"

'Cookies', 'conversion rates', 'EPC'. 

Affiliate marketing can seem like a minefield of jargon and acronyms. 

Just where does the new affiliate marketer begin?!

That's why I've put together this handy glossary of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing you need to know.

What's more, I've peppered the selection with some inspirational pointers that will focus your affiliate business in the most profitable direction

And with Private Label Rights included, not only can you resell this product for cash - I am pleased to offer it also as the perfect, done-for-you lead magnet.

All the basics covered
Perfect for the new affiliate marketer
Handy reference guide
Inspirational pointers
Resell and keep all the profits
Ideal as a lead magnet

All yours for $47
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Plus My Special Guide to
Your Resale Rights...

Bonus #4


Every way you can use The Commission Collector to start earning cash for you.

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Awesome tools and resources to boost the value of your asset.

Maximize your opportunities with your Private Label Rights.

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I got early access to The Commission Collector, and I didn’t expect much at first. I just wanted to see what it was about. But as soon as I opened it, I was shocked by the quality and details of the product. It was up to date and accurate with all the information I needed to start and grow my online business.

The book covers everything from mindset to automation, with clear explanations and real examples. It teaches you how to create value and build relationships with your customers, and how to choose and promote products that match their needs and wants. It also gives you useful resources and tools that you can use to further your learning and improve your results.

I have known about affiliate marketing since the 2000s, and this is one of the best and most robust guides I have ever read. It is not a hype-filled book that promises you easy money. It is a honest and practical book that shows you the truth and the best practices of affiliate marketing. Duncan did a really good job writing this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed in online business. Well done, Duncan.

Lewis Anderson


I really like the way Duncan has cut through all the BS often found in the affiliate marketing industry.

There are no promises of instant riches or flowery hyperbole - just straight talking advice that will help any new affiliates set out on the right track.

In fact Duncan clearly shows all the areas that can go wrong but more importantly explains the mindset you need to overcome the negatives and how to master this mindset to conquer any challenges and hurdles that get thrown your way.

You are then walked through exactly how you create connections with your customers, build relationships and become a trusted advisor complete with all the do's and don'ts of email marketing.

If you're new to affiliate marketing, or even if you're struggling, there's enough common sense advice in this product to stop you falling into the familiar traps found in this industry and instead increase your likelihood of success.

Paul Henry


David Cox


You are just one click away from instant access...

Yes, I want to learn the secrets the top affiliates are using to generate recurring, reliable affiliate income, 24/7.
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Can I really resell this product and keep 100% of the profits?

Yes, your product comes with private label rights, which means you can resell The Commission Collector as many times as you like. All of the money you make will be yours entirely.

Can I re-brand and rename the product?

Yes, you can rename, re-brand and edit The Commission Collector however you like.

Can I credit myself as the author?

Yes, you can add your own name to the product.

Can I split the product up?

Yes, to deliver maximum flexibility each of the twenty-one chapters of The Commission Collector covers an individual topic. This means that you may split up the product, or combine different chapters however you like in order to create further products.

Can I give the product away?

You may offer the product as a bonus or package it with other products for sale for a minimum price of $10. The product may not be used as a lead magnet, added to free membership sites, nor given away for free.

Additionally, any further product/s created from the material of The Commission Collector must be sold for a cash price of no less than $10 each.

Will I get instant access?

As soon as your transaction is complete you will receive immediate access to your special members area, where you will find:

  • Your PDF product
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  • Sales material and graphics

  • Your bonuses valued at more than $350

Do you include a sales page?

Yes, I have included a completed sample sales page for you to use. You are welcome to customize this page as much as you like, adding your own text, graphics, bonuses and testimonials.

Is this a limited time offer?

The launch discount will expire when the launch closes. After that time, the price of The Commission Collector will rise.

What if I am not happy and want my money back?

I am 100% convinced that you and your customers will love The Commission Collector. But if you are not satisfied for any reason then you may claim a full refund, no questions asked, within sixty days of your purchase.

What if I have more questions or need any help?

You will be able to contact our dedicated support desk from within your members area. We are always happy to help.


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Average monthly income of an affiliate marketer*

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I was shocked by the quality and details of the product.

It was up to date and accurate with all the information I needed to start and grow my online business.

Lewis Anderson


Duncan has cut through all the BS often found in the affiliate marketing industry.

Straight talking advice that will help any new affiliates set out on the right track.